IP rights is more important in the knowledge economy under globalization. Whether an enterprise can effectively manage IP rights determines its competitive advantage to a great extent. In order to get better competitive advantages in the development of global economy, it is imperative to establish and improve the IP system. To improve the enterprise IP management system, it is not only necessary to improve the internal management system of enterprises, but also need the government to strengthen the management of enterprise IP and the protection of social IP rights.

  • IP Management

    The IP management department is directly charged by the manager of the head office, is the support unit of the technology and operation departments of the enterprise. IP management department, R&D, head office are the core department in the enterprise, with the development department and the finance department formed the management organization.

  • Patent Right

    Patent right is the core IP system of enterprise, which is regarded as the lifeline and talisman of enterprise development. In market competition, resources are the basis for an enterprise to participate in market competition, especially for monopolistic resources such as patents. To master patents means to have some competitive advantages. Patent technology can protect the enterprise's own interests from being infringed, and can effectively occupy the market. BRHT has owned more than 40 invention patents.

  • Trademark Rights

    Trademark is the "golden business card" of an enterprise, which represents the reputation, culture, and the trust of customers, and is one of the important sources of competitive advantages of an enterprise. The trademark rights owned by BRHT:

  • Web Site Rights

    Web site owned by Group company:

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